It should always be this fun...

Remember this spring when I made a little music video with a few of my friends? A couple of weeks ago Darwin Deez’s record label, Lucky Number Music, asked if I’d be into the idea of that video being presented to MTV as the official music video for “DNA”.

…Um, yeah. 

So then this happened:

The word is: the video will run as an exclusive on MTV Rocks for the first week. After, it will be played on C list rotation, annnnd if it is popular, will move up to the B list and so on. …SO if you like it, please tell ‘em over at MTV and on the YouTube.

In the UK you can see the video on the telly: channels (Sky) 355 and (Virgin) 312. 

Everywhere else it’ll be playing on MTV’s website.

And of course here…

If you can’t get enough of the kitchen and want to see the unabridged original cut again, or for the first time…. please do.

I am so overwhelmed by this turn of events! So very blessed to have had the good fortune to play with such a talented bunch of friends. Thank you again for helping me create this video! Thanks to all who championed it, and to everyone for taking the time to watch! Let’s make more!