A quote by frontman Brent Knopf, on the seductive nature of potential, has been swimming around my head lately. In my own creative process the potential of a piece of work feels bitter sweet. I’ve been seduced while making videos, though recently I’ve become disenchanted while songwriting.

Writing songs is maybe the most vulnerable thing I’ve ever done. It is terrifying and completely rewarding. While I can enjoy lingering in the potential of an unfinished video, I seem to want to rush to finish any song I write, so I can immediately start hating it. I’m working on changing that.

Not knowing how shit’s going to turn out while creating has occasionally been thrilling, but usually it is scary and at its worst, paralyzing. So, I’m incredibly grateful to my music partner for his encouragement in languishing in it, and  for his open mind. Through collaboration, my ability to meander in potential is increasing. Bere here now, yadda yadda yadda…

Side note: This may all be applicable to love, too. Jury’s still out.