Someday you’re gonna look up from your phone and be 50.

DC Pierson


I’ve been out to a couple parties in Hollywood over the last week and am struck by how flat the energy is. The parties are packed, the DJ’s are playing relatively good music, the locations are beautiful, as are the people, and yet the vibe is LAME. Like an office christmas party, that everyone’s been obligated to attend. Some might chalk this up to “LA sucks.” I think it has more to do with the fact that at any given moment at least 50% of the party is looking into the blinding abyss of their phones. 

Next time you’re out, take a look around. You’ll see.

(paintings by Dan Witz)

My solution to this problem is simple: NO PHONES

If you promote parties or clubs you may want to listen to this next part, here’s how you can set yourself apart…

• No phones. Anyone using one is immediately ejected. No questions asked.

• Provide a phone check at the door. Works the same as a coat check.

• Put a big ass clock on the wall. God forbid guests get separated because they’re having fun. But, if they do they’ll be able to arrange to meet for check-ins, rides home, etc. 

• Lots of pens and paper at the bar for phone number exchanges.

Promoters, here’s the upshot - your party will feel unique, clandestine, and above all: EXCLUSIVE. Anything that transpires once inside can’t be tweeted, foursquared, instagramed, facebooked, etc. What goes on inside stays inside… “Aw man, you had to BE there!”

People will be forced to interact, talk, dance, make out, what have you. 

And to appease the people that absolutely MUST take home some kind of momento, an old-school photo booth. NO digital photography.

I guarantee if this is done right once, it’ll be the new hot shit.

You’re welcome.