Joanna Newsom - Sprout and The Bean 2004 (get it)

I’m not going to lie.

Most of the cool music that I’ve been listening to for the last 3+ years is thanks to C. More than introduce me to bands, she introduced me to a way of discovering new music. Remember the first time you tried explaining email or the internet to an older relative? Your determined patience, and their expression of dumbstruck awe and confusion?


Pitchfork? Stereogum? How do you know about all these blogs? Am I saying that right? Blogs? I thought the internet was invented for myspace and porn.  …there are so many bands…

In this way my music collection, and my ears, crept into the new century.

Over the years since, I have seen so much great live music, often with C by my side. MTV hasn’t played music videos since the 90’s. Rolling Stone is putting bimbos on the cover. And, 99% of radio sucks. A lot. This is why I’d been listening to the same songs for years…

I now have renewed faith in contemporary music and feel relevant in my tastes for the first time since high school. It’s exciting to know about bands before I hear them on KCRW.

Speaking of which, NPR is streaming Joanna Newsom’s just-released 2-hour opus Have One On Me which has been receiving all sorts of press and blog attention.

Well the song I’ve posted here was given to me on a mix by C back in 2006. Yeah.

Dear Bean,

Thank you.