I directed a music video.

Which for me is kind of a big deal. It wasn’t my intention at the start. But it’s what happened. And I thank my friends for allowing me the experience. It was awesome.

I’d been holding off on writing about this, I think a part of me is embarrassed to talk about doing something creative that isn’t drumming. Currently the video has 7,426 views on YouTube. Which means if you’re reading this you might’ve seen it already. I guess there’s no real mystery at this point.

The whole thing took four days to shoot, the talent, generosity, hardwork and time, of 8 friends, and $100 for snacks. Post work probably added another five days. It proved to me that you don’t need a grant to see your ideas realized. 

Each step of the process of putting it together required calling on a friend and asking for their interest and talents. Surprisingly the answer was always yes. How did I get so lucky? It is true that it would not be what it is without everyone’s involvement. So THANK YOU - Eric, Darwin, Josh, Mishay, Michelle, Char, Garrett, Cordelia, Angelina, Matt, and Matt’s grandmother Shirley who was very kind to make her pool available to us.  

Here are some photos taken by Eric.

Everything was shot on this camera…

…except the underwater sequence which was shot on my G9.

Josh teaching us the choreography in my apartment, minutes before we did it for camera out on the street.

Cordelia at the make-up chair.

Josh and Mishay at the park.

The picture that would end up on the fridge.

We re-appropriated one of the bags from Cordelia’s delicious bacon truffle caramel popcorn

Editing hand-claps.

A few stills.

Thanks guys!