Brian Keane - Anywhere I Lay My Head 2006 (get it)

Brian Keane and I played in the same band a few years back. The band had a regular tuesday night gig, once a month at a small bar in the West Village, with sawdust on the floor and peanuts at the tables, called The Back Fence. It was a three hour slot. Bluegrass, blues, and country-folk. This was right around the time people started calling it “Americana”. I think. Brian played bass, banjo, and organ for the band, as well as singing harmonies.

After we’d finished our set, Brian would stay on the stage and play for another hour and a half. Just him and a guitar. Mostly covers, with a few of his beautiful originals thrown in. He’d play everything from Prince to Ryan Adams.

This Tom Waits cover always got me, though.